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I've been playing with Moneydance recently, a personal finance package for Windows, Mac and Linux. So this is the kind of deeply uncool activity companies used to market computers in the '80s, along with "Helps kids do their homework." Rock'n'roll!


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Semi-public events

A while back, while my mind wandered as I watched the first couple of parts of the Cremaster Cycle, I was thinking about how to announce events semi-publically. Continuing to think about it sicne then hasn't got me much further, so here's my half-idea.


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I've spent much of the past couple of months "project managing" or "producing" Extendaword, a web- and email-based word game for the Financial Times, which launches today. There are two versions, one for the UK, one for everywhere else (the difference being the prizes, or lack of them). Create a team with your friends (navigating through the complex marketing opt-in/out checkboxes) and come up with the highest scoring sequence of words during each week's game.


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Action Energy

I recently spent a couple of weeks working on the re-jigged version of the Action Energy website. It's "a government-funded programme, [that] helps businesses and public sector organisations save money through energy saving." Not that I'm looking for any credit (or, should you see fit, blame) for the site, as my role was purely copying and pasting text from the old site into the CMS, so if you see a sentence cut short, or a broken link, there's a less than 50 per cent chance it's my fault. Sorry.


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Big Ben and bannersI took a day off work yesterday to join the Anti-Bush march which was fun. I can't really add anything new to the arguments, and besides, after spending an afternoon surrounded by (generally) like-minded people, I'm left speechless by shit like this, that couldn't be more backwards if it tried.


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Statement of a Photographic Man

I recently did some web work at a company based around photo libraries, which reminded me that I never got round to posting the second of two great excerpts from Henry Mayhew's chronicle of mid-19th century life, London Labour and the London Poor (Amazon UK, US, or the full text online).


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Vito, Michael and Henry

I'm currently catching up on reading the September 2003 issue of The Believer which contains a fun article by Jim Shepard, 'No Regrets: Goodfellas and American Hardball'. He compares the "honourable" morality of the gangsters in Coppola's Godfather films with the destructive selfishness of those in Scorcese's GoodFellas, and, all too briefly, likens the latter to the world of Enron and Bush's government:


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