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Online autobiography tools?

The other night, while making a late dinner, I heard Chuck Palahniuk on Radio 3's Night Waves talking about his new book, Diary. He thought that as the baby-boomers retire they're going to want to archive things, to document their lives.


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Hiragana and Katakana practice page

I've been learning Japanese for a while now, and needed a better way to learn the characters that I don't yet know. Repeatedly going through a list means you learn the sequences, rather than the individual letters. So I've made a page that displays characters randomly. It lets you choose to practice Hiragana, Katakana or both at once and gives you a score. Maybe one day I'll move onto Kanji...


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Bloglines’ blogrolls and the real world creating friends

Bloglines, which I still enjoy, has introduced a feature that lets you include your list of subscribed-to feeds on your own site. So here's mine. Yes, "blogroll" is a hideous term, but it probably makes sense to the few people that might have the slightest interest in seeing what someone else reads. And I can't think of anything else short and meaningful.


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"I wish he would pull my hair again"

A friend of mine in the US has started posting excerpts of her old junior high diary to her new weblog, adding comments from her present-day self. (For those of us who don't know what junior high is, she was about 12 at the time.) It's great stuff, like Adrian Mole in America. If he was a girl. Who talked about nothing but boys.

[UPDATE: The weblog has since moved to here because of this. 8 Nov 2003]


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Linklogs are taking off. Again.



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McSweeney’s vs They Might Be Giants

Saturday night I went to see McSweeney's vs They Might Be Giants at the Barbican. To be honest, I didn't have high hopes.


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Sunsets and shared experience

You know how some people still insist that spending a lot of time online is sad? How living much of your time online means you must be a pathetic stay-at-home with no life? (If you don't hear people say this, you obviously hang out with geeks and rarely meet "normal" people these days.) Obviously, they're not aware of how online links can enhance this oh-so-important "real" life.


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The Caretaker

John Peel played a track by The Caretaker earlier this evening. It's good stuff and you can download some MP3s from his album. All legal like.


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Looking as cheerful as any man could do…

I've heard a rumour that some people don't read Pepys' Diary every day. I know, it's hard to credit. If this is the case they'll be missing a few days that, while much of 17th century London is surprisingly familiar, make one realise how far society's progressed. A few traitors are being hung, drawn and quartered, with their various bodily bits displayed prominently on London's gates for all to see...


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Changing jobs

Last week the Guardian had a special report on changing jobs. Handy if you need inspiration. Do it!


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Delancey and 2nd St

If you happened to like early 20th century vaudeville music, and you happened to buy this CD, Eddie Morton's The Sound of Vaudeville (vol. 1), and then you flipped through its 28 page booklet, you might reach page six as Eddie sang his final "That's gratityooood!" and Just a Friend of the Family began, and there you'd see a photo taken by me, of Delancey and 2nd Street in Philadelphia, close to where Mr Morton lived over a century ago. Which is nice.

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Geolocational link dump

I've been tidying up my mailing list subscriptions, unsubscribing from those I never get round to reading, and catching up on those I want to read. One of the latter is Geowanking, and rather than litter the linklog with stuff, here's a few of the most interesting things in my whizz through two months' worth of emails:


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Felicity on ITV2

Having previously gone on about Felicity I feel obliged to mention that ITV2 is showing it at around 1.30am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the moment. Last week was episodes 220, 221 and 222, so maybe it moves on to Season Three this week. For some reason I thought there was a further season after the one ITV2 showed a while back on Sunday mornings, but now I realise that was Season Four, which I guess was the last ever. Ah well.

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"There's only one thing I hate more than a sore loser."


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A question

Here's a question. Let's say someone breaks into your home and steals all your CDs. Let's say you've wisely insured all your possessions, so you can claim for the CDs' surprisingly high collective value. Let's also say your CDs were stolen from your cupboard, where you put them after ripping every single one to your capacious hard drive.


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T610 calendar having problems with winter

Last week I got round to syncing my Palm Vx, my Sony Ericsson T610 and iCal for the first time. Apart from a few oddities in the first couple of syncs it seems to have settled down a bit and, amazingly, all works (although there seems no way to sync only outstanding To Do items with the phone, resulting in its 80 slots filling up with old and "done" tasks -- useless).


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