Writing from December 2003

Ideas Bazaar redesign

I've just finished designing and building a revamped site for Ideas Bazaar, the ethnographic consultancy of choice. This was the first of my freelance projects to be a complete "end-to-end" deal: design, HTML, PHP and Movable Type (for their weblog). Even though the site is fairly small and simple, doing the entire thing and seeing it go live is enormously satisfying!


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Its true

Greil Marcus quoting John Humphrys in the Sunday Times quoting Lynn Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation:


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Jame Oliver’s new site

Last week I helped Poke set up Jamie Oliver's new website. It's an interim effort, with more thrilling stuff on the way apparently, and is quite nice as these things go (and that doesn't feel too much like blowing my own trumpet, given very little of its visible niceness is down to me).


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Richard Herring on his new watch

The [Timex Ironman digital watch] comes with a box about the size of a pack of playing cards that you strap round your upper arm, which communicates with 12 satellites to pinpoint your exact position and calculate all the other statistics I've mentioned. I am not sure that the bloke who invented satellites realised that his invention would be used to check the progress of a plodding, fat man traversing the back streets of West London. He probably thought it would be used for international espionage, but he was mistaken.


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