Updated Haddock Blogs

For those that care… I’ve updated the Haddock Blogs script so that if a source RSS feed includes the full text of an entry, this is also included in Haddock Blogs’ own RSS feed. This post will test whether the script’s working or not…

The script also, somewhat belatedly, does all that etag last-modified stuff which I only vaguely understand, but it means the script will only download the source files if they’ve changed. (I ended up using bits from this script to get it working.)


  • Well, it seems to work OK testing it on my feed. Hopefully it’ll be OK with others too…

  • No, really, it’s working fine *now*.

7 Aug 2003 in Writing

Summer playlist
A selection of tunes from Greil Marcus’s ‘Mystery Train’ that make for fine heatwave listening.

On this day I was reading