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What are the chances of that happening, eh?

I hadn't listend to 6 Music since just after it launched, but I gave it a whirl this evening and within minutes a Brian Eno documentary started! I was intrigued as it was billed as the first part of a series, and while I've heard hour-long shows on him before, a whole series would be a real treat. Unfortunately the series is only two parts long. And each part is half an hour.


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Pre-client spam filtering

The last few days I've been collecting my email via Knowspam.net, one of those challenge and response systems where unapproved people have to click a link and verify their existence before their email reaches you. It seemed a good solution to the spam problem -- the problem being receiving any spam at all -- but I've decided the whole idea is not for me.


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Summer playlist

I've nearly finished Greil Marcus's Mystery Train and his eloquent enthusiasm has had me hunting for music I'd never usually listen to, all of which sounds unusually good in the UK's current heatwave. So, in case you feel like doing the same...


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Updated Haddock Blogs

For those that care... I've updated the Haddock Blogs script so that if a source RSS feed includes the full text of an entry, this is also included in Haddock Blogs' own RSS feed. This post will test whether the script's working or not...


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Telegraph poles

My mum has, in her capacity as a local historian, become interested in Witham's telegraph poles (I only now realise I should probably call them telephone poles). Each one has certain markings and, so you can amaze your friends, here's how to decipher them. There are three marks, one above the other, in this order:


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David Lynch on sheds

In The Guardian's Guide on Saturday, Jacques Peretti wrote about sheds, apparently flavour of the season in the worlds of fashion and style (it's entirely possible this article is on the site somewhere, but I couldn't find it). This reminded me of something from Lynch on Lynch (US, UK) that I'd read only the day before. A hidden, dark and terrifying side to David Lynch...


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Post boxes

At the risk of turning this into the UK's premier street furniture weblog... Look, postboxes! So I like it when people pay more than the usual level of attention to everyday objects. And there's more (beautifully, in a subdirectory titled "hobbies"; I should get one of those). Apparently there's a Letter Box Study Group although I can't access the site right now. I'll have to amuse myself with browsing Unicorn Kiosk's range of original street furniture... up to three grand (plus VAT) for a Victorian post box or nearly five for a K6 red phone box complete with Jubilee interior.

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Movable Type time zones

I finally got round to playing with TypePad yesterday, which was fun; almost every page had me muttering, "ooh, that's nice!" But it did remind me of a problem I noticed with Movable Type some months ago.


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iCal time zones

In a strange temporal coincidence a discussion started in The Well's Mac conference the other day about the way iCal handles time zones. It appears to have exactly the same kind of problem Movable Type has (discussed in my previous post): If you change the time zone of your Mac, via the Date & Time preferences, then the times of all your iCal appointments change in a way that is, shall we say, less than optimal.


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I'm no good with colours, as you can tell, but here are two simple yet handy things that I'll forget how to find unless I link to them here:


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