Comments written on other sites from October 2005 Any consensus on ‘responsible’ linklogging?

I don’t have a problem with people keeping logs of links without saying anything about them. It’s just a different way of bookmarking.

What is annoying is when people do this bookmarking in public, particularly when they link to their linklog as something other people might want to read.

It does seem lazy to make something explicitly public and then not tell me what’s special about these links. My eyes glaze over at the huge number of comment-less links some people post every day, whereas I read a linklog like yours, Tom, as closely as I would a complete weblog post.

(Personally, I tag all my links that I want to be public with the tag ‘top’, and only publicise the feed of that tag, so people are spared the stuff that’s purely for my benefit.)

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Wonderland: Death in Sakkara

In the very early 1980s, while I was in the final year at junior school (about 12 years old), our class borrowed a Commodore PET from a nearby secondary school.

We were divided into teams of four and had to plan a trip to Saqara (as I think we spelled it then) to look for hidden treasures. We had to plan the expedition (we hoped to survive mostly on tinned sausages and baked beans) and then we occasionally had our turn on the computer where we had to choose which squares of a monochrome 2D grid to explore.

It was really exciting - the team work for this mission using a COMPUTER! Good to see the place is still providing educational entertainment, although thankfully more sophisticated.

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