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…and another thing! - To do list

Don’t know if it’s any help, but one bit of advice I’ve read about to do lists is to break them down into small actions you can actually do, rather than broader things that are more scary. eg, instead of ‘Hire van’, how about:

* Ask friends for recommendations of van hire places.
* And/or choose three places with nice ads in the Yellow Pages.
* Call two or three places asking for prices.
* Decide on which place to use.
* Call and book the van.

That kind of thing. Of course, that might be obvious or unhelpful, but I’m trying :) Good luck!

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…and another thing! - To do list

Yeah, could do that. Also, what you’re actually interested in at any one time is only the *next* action in a list, rather than every step of a process. So if you can break larger processes (‘Hire van’) down into separate lists of actions, then just put the next action from each one in your to do list and keep the rest separately. Then, when you’ve done an action, get the next action from that process and put it on your to do list.

That way you’ll have a small, manageable to do list of small simple actions. As long as it doesn’t encourage you to ignore the rest of it!

The next step is to draw vast Gantt charts of the entire project, appoint a team, etc, etc… I expect a full plan and costings on my desk first thing in the morning! :)

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Scotch Egg Picasso by Yol on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mmmmm, scotch eggs are great. These are very nice ones:

(Sorry, that seems like comment spam!)

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Choose! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

He looks scarily efficient.

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Russianhat on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

OK, I’ll bite: why?

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Beloved sandals on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Good going! My Birkenstocks have lasted eight years, but should probably be replaced for much the same reasons. I’m hoping they can last out this summer though…

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