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Terra Nova: The Future Cost of a Good Synthetic World

DeAnna Burghart said: “First of all, movie theatres are a red herring. Don’t include them in the calculation. They make almost 0 money off of those tickets; they make money off of concessions.”

I’d love to see the source for this claim. I did a quick bit of Google-research last year and found it was more like: “[Screen Digest] estimate that concessions accounted for 20% of the gross revenues of U.S. exhibitors in the year 2000. They further estimate that those sales accounted for approximately 40% of profits.” And AMC’s ticket sales accounted for 67% of revenues in 2001, compared to 28% from concessions.

The sources I found are linked to from this comment:

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All the meeting rooms have dumb names… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

you’re making me want to work at yahoo less and less now tom.

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My initial reaction was much like yours, and the commenters above.

But part of me also thinks… these are people who have volunteered for a reality TV show. However suggestible they are, maybe they’ve decided that the usual levels of reality TV humiliation are worth the fun / fame / money that will result? Does anyone really think these people have signed up without it occurring to them that they might be made fools of?

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I bet my evening was more exciting than yours on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Good to see you’re in one piece. Take it very easy…

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