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Cityofsound: Podcasting in iTunes and Odeo

One problem with the Podcast implementation in iTunes, which I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere, is that you must have the Music Store enabled to access the Podcast Directory.

I switched the Music Store off months ago, as I was never going to buy anything from it. I upgraded to the new iTunes and saw the new purple ‘Podcasts’ icon. But when I click it I see a blank playlist and some greyed-out buttons/links - the ‘Podcast Directory’ link only becomes active if I go into Preferences and re-enable the Music Store, something it took me a few days to realise.

So, having switched the Music Store off again, I’ve never subscribed to a podcast and I have no idea how to (I searched Apple’s ‘iTunes and Music Store Help’, but there’s apparently nothing in there for ‘podcast’ or ‘podcasts’).

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3rd floor on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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Jack’s a bit big for the kiddie bar… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Where did you find such a short bar? Oh… hang on…

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Herbs on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ooh, very envious - I’ve been meaning to grow herbs for ages, and never got round to it. The only time I’ve bought them from Tesco’s they died within days. Did you grow them from seed or buy them somewhere…?

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Wonderland: Watercooler Games..

I’m not clear how that rant’s specific to Massive, as opposed to any other advertising company in the world. It’s easy to say that any form of (virtual or real) advertising is destructive to the ad or the experience it’s situated in, but that doesn’t (unfortunately) prevent it from being effective.

“We’ve got this great advertising idea… while people are watching television programmes, just as they’re getting into it, we’re going to just stop the programme and show them a few minutes of completely unrelated adverts! It’ll be great!”

If one didn’t know any better, that sounds like a crazy idea that no one would want…

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