Some 2013 conference talks to watch

I never used to go to loads of conferences but I go to even fewer these days. This year I kept noticing mentions of lots of good talks, at many events around the world, and realised that they were often available to watch online.

So I started keeping a list of them, and then asked on Twitter for more recommendations, picking up a few more that I’d missed. Here’s my list of 2013 conference talks that are probably worth watching.

I’ve only got round to watching a few, so they might not all be OMG BEST TALK EVAR!!!, but I’m hopeful. This isn’t a thorough survey of the Top Twenty Talks of 2013; it’s biased to my interests, my friends, and suggestions from a few people on Twitter. If I do this next year I’d love to find great talks that have no relation to the tech world (only Stewart Lee’s is from beyond our little bubble, I imagine).

But for now, here are twenty (probably) great conference talks from 2013 (so far), twelve hours of viewing and listening:

Many thanks to Andy Baio, Matt Jones, Nick Sweeney, Russell Davies and Tom Armitage for their suggestions.

30 Nov 2013 at Twitter

  • 11:34pm: @antimega Only 26 minutes until I can allow myself one. But I must go to bed now. Tomorrow, my beauties…
  • 11:28pm: Got home hungry. Thought I’d run out of muesli. But no! Found a box at the back of the cupboard! It’s like middle class Santa has visited!
  • 4:00pm: @anneshewring You are the Bear Grylls of Fitzrovia.
  • 3:08pm: A service that Shazams all the tracks in a 1hr+ mix and uses Genius or similar to create a multi-hour (if poorly-mixed) version of it.
  • 2:51pm: “What are the best books on X?” yields hundreds of different answers including a link to “The 100 best books on X from 2013”. Yay Internet.
  • 11:14am: (A shame that Google Web Font lacks more unicode characters. You pay your money (or not), you takes your choice.)
  • 11:13am: Lithuania! You now have your own Twelescreen (Thanks @IdeaG). Any other countries want one?
  • 7:43am: @thisisaaronland Morning!

30 Nov 2013 in Links

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