FRSTEE the Snowman

A couple of Christmases ago RIG experimented with Data Decs, custom-manufactured decorations for a few friends, based on an individual’s internet data: numbers of Twitter followers; plays on; travels on Dopplr; and apertures used on Flickr photos. This Christmas we’ve focused on one of those and launched FRSTEE, the Festively Rendered Snowman from Tweets (Enterprise Edition). Now everyone can have their own.

FRSTEE is a snowman whose head size represents the number of followers you have on Twitter. I know little about the 3D manufacturing details, but I guess things have moved on enough in two years to make this easier and inexpensive than it once was. This year’s snowman is also made from a much nicer, more snow-like material than the first iteration’s slightly shiny plastic.

So, some experiments later, and some writing of a website on my part, FRSTEE was born a couple of weeks ago. Bless his little icy socks.


The first batch have already been sent out and it’s lovely to see photos of the little chap appearing online, with his different size heads and different buttons (indicating the number of years the owner has been on Twitter):

@magculture's FRSTEE@magculture’s FRSTEE

@magculture's FRSTEE@mrswillsh’s FRSTEE

It’s nice to see a thing out in the world, and a “thing” that is different every time. Thankfully, he always looks quite cute, and people seem to like him, which is just as well as FRSTEE’s Twitter account reveals him to be a little, shall we say, needy.

There are, as you know, only a few customised-3D-artefact-ordering-days left before Christmas. So if you want one order now. For you, for your friend, or for all of your staff and clients (in which case, email us about bulk orders). That’s me wearing my ill-fitting marketing hat.

(I’m busy, busy at the moment, hence the lateness of this post. Too much work, too short deadlines, not enough time to write down everything in my head.)

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