My talk about Samuel Pepys' diary as an online story

I’ve given a talk about The Diary of Samuel Pepys three times in recent months, and the most recent event, SkillSwap Seeking Stories, has uploaded an audio recording of my talk. I’ve also put up the slides I used that evening, so you can try recreating the talk in the comfort of your own chair…

Here’s the presentation on SlideShare (requires Flash).

And here’s the audio on Huffduffer (requires Flash, or can be downloaded as an MP3).

You’ll have to make educated guesses about when to move on to the next slide if you’re really trying to follow along.

The talk has varied a little each time, but not too much. It’s always about looking at the diary as if it were a story, and how best to tell a complex narrative like this online.

(Apologies for the re-post to the few of you who also follow the Pepys site’s news blog.)

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