Week 376

A short week really, but a good one.

Monday: Bank holiday. No computing.

Tuesday: I spent the day updating this Python script for backing up your tweets, so that it still works now Twitter has switched to OAuth.

Wednesday: I continued work I’d been doing last week with maps of my aggregated, located data to include Flickr photos.

Thursday: I launched and wrote about these aggregated daily maps of my data. And did most of the week’s Pepys.

Friday: Off to Brighton for dConstruct. As with all conferences, it was a mixed bag. The best talks, the last few, were great, particularly James’s, including this, which was a stunner. Some of the rest… I find it odd that dConstruct is quite a “designy” conference, and yet the more specifically “design” talks always feel as though they’re aimed at people who haven’t thought much about design before. Still, it was a lovely, sociable day all-in-all.

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4 Sep 2010 in Photos

4 Sep 2010 at Twitter

  • 2:44pm: Glad iTunes got rid of the CD icon. Now makes sense that I use an app with a musical note to, say, buy photo editing software for my phone.
  • 9:08am: Pondering the possibilities of brunch.

4 Sep 2010 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. Emmy the Great (15)
  2. The Weakerthans (14)
  3. Lady Gaga (13)
  4. Psapp (11)
  5. First Words (7)
  6. Earl Hines (5)
  7. Boards of Canada (5)
  8. Isan (4)
  9. Brian Eno (2)
  10. DJ Shadow (2)

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