Week 363

A four-day week, two of which were spent at Somethin’ Else, continuing the bug-fixing, tweaking, polishing, updating and general finishing-off of the project I’ve been working on there for a while. We’re inching ever closer to the finish line with that.

I hoped to spend most of the other couple of days on my personal news-related project but have only managed a few hours this afternoon. Other distractions included: writing a document about a future possible project; some blogging, which always takes longer than I expect; and this week’s Pepys diary entries, which took the best part of a day thanks to the Second Anglo-Dutch War making for an unusually busy Mr Pepys.

Next week should see a good balance of work and, all being well, getting this news project out of the door and on to your screens.

4 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 8:08pm: Obviously, the band's name would have to begin with 'P'.
  • 8:05pm: Pavement last month, Pixies tonight. What old band can I see for the first time in July?
  • 11:15am: The tar cooker outside has moved: the doors can open before we swelter/suffocate. Now, if only this Anglo-Dutch War wasn't taking so long.

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