Leslie Harpold

Leslie Harpold has died. That sounds so horribly wrong. Whenever people recall someone who died they were always the kindest, cleverest, all-round specialest person ever. In Leslie’s case this was very, very true and I’m going to miss her very, very much.

I didn’t have to know her online for long before I knew I could have trusted her with anything and anyone.

I don’t know what to say now, whereas Leslie knew exactly what to say in any situation, however delicate or unfortunate. She would help anyone anytime, she always had the answers to any question, she was a beautiful designer and she had recipes for every occasion.

She was your greatest supporter when you needed support, your loudest cheerleader when you needed cheerleading and, the one time I was lucky enough to visit her, the most welcoming host you could wish for.

She may have been far away but she felt so much closer and she’s left a very real hole in the lives of all who knew her, both in person and online. Fuck me, it’s unfair and I can’t believe it. Bye Leslie.

I had 187 kids come trick or treating, would have had more but I ran out of candy, I gave away 12 big bags! They were so cute!

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Tuesday 12 December 2006, 11:03pm

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12 Dec 2006 at Twitter

  • 5:38pm: Fired up the iTunes 'Christmas' smart playlist for the first time this year. ho ho ho!
  • 4:26pm: Just finished late lunch. Should start work or Pepys but not in the mood.
  • 6:57am: Dreamed about scary invisible witches, Mary buying me a new bike, and Rod buying me a tower of tasty food.