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Gary @30

Students at Oxford and Cambridge universities “go up” at the start of term and “come down” at the end of it. Should they be expelled they are “sent down”.

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5 Aug 2017 in Photos

5 Aug 2017 at Twitter

  • 9:38pm: @paulpod But, but… he was old!
  • 7:47pm: @Pickledegg101 I’m not sure I did! I thought Cillian Murphy was going to meet himself.
  • 7:45pm: @RandomEtc So it was all happening at the same instant?
  • 7:43pm: I liked ‘Dunkirk’ but I feel needlessly confused by chronology. You’d think that with all the ticking on the soundtrack it’d be in order.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Camera Obscura (48)
  2. Robyn (26)
  3. Christine and the Queens (19)
  4. Brian Eno (15)
  5. The Divine Comedy (12)
  6. Bettie Serveert (12)
  7. Sampa the Great (11)
  8. Nao (11)
  9. Sports (10)
  10. Suede (10)

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