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I enjoy the iPad edition, because I like just clicking through from one story to the next, so the section headings and lack of serendipity don’t bother me too much. It’s nowhere near as pleasant as a physical paper to browse, but I’ve no idea how any iPad app could get round that.

But, while I look through it every day, it has made me realise how little of it I’m really keen to read - there are many articles, and particularly columnists, who, when I’m looking at a section front page, don’t seem worth tapping on to read. If an article can’t even reach that threshold of being worth a single tap (and a tap back to return) maybe I am in fact reading the wrong paper.

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24 Jul 2012 at Twitter

  • 8:14pm: @spaceboy Can you like it, or will it bother you Every Single Time you go in there for years…?
  • 7:59pm: @holgate @waxpancake Yes, but it’s still self-indulgent nostalgia to spend time and enthusiasm consuming it in real time. Write new stuff!
  • 7:24pm: @holgate @waxpancake Gawd, can we give up on the nostalgic time-shifting (unless, er, it’s >300 years old…) and do new good things instead?
  • 7:22pm: Friday are lovely, join them! MT @wearefriday: Check out our current opps: 2x Ruby and one front end developer + a snr project manager.
  • 3:03pm: @joe_malia Depends what “reasonable” means… I really liked staying here 2.5 years ago: bit.ly/MUsWAC
  • 2:09pm: @ErisianLib I don’t want the Foundry replaced by an Apple Store, but thinking, tongue-in-cheek, where would be best from Apple’s pov :)
  • 2:04pm: @ErisianLib I don’t think a huge glass Apple cube would have quite the same impact next to a falafel shop.
  • 1:16pm: @revdancatt I have @nodnol2012 but wasn’t sure what to do with it.
  • 12:51pm: @pixellent Yes! An Apple Store with a gelateria on the way out.
  • 11:50am: @matthewward One of the modelmakers was showing her parents(?) round when I went, so I tried to stay close and listen in!
  • 11:37am: @JamesWallis @chrislunch @Zoonie Oh yes, that was it, ta! In my head it was a more stupid dotcom name.
  • 11:34am: @benterrett Buy one get a free, er, iMassage or something.
  • 11:29am: Which would be better as an Apple Store: The Foundry or the Roundabout itself? (Both horrible ideas for old Shoreditch but still.)
  • 11:27am: @chrislunch @Zoonie I keep trying to remember the name of the doomed same-day central London motorbike delivery dotcom from 2000...?
  • 11:16am: Step 1: Open small shop selling Apple equipment in Shoreditch. Step 2: Profit.
  • 9:33am: @alruii @pixellent He’s, like, really DEEP and actually, y’know, an ARTIST!

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