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“starfish and coffee”, you’re assuming a (perhaps ill-judged) throwaway comment for the purpose of amusement is representative of an action I’d take in the real world.

I’ll certainly think more carefully before I write something like that in future — so thank you for calling it to my attention — but maybe you could also refrain from thinking you know all about a person after reading a short piece by them.

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6 May 2011 at Twitter

  • 9:57pm: BBC should have kept TOTP going even if the current viewing figures were tiny… it's an investment in footage for use in the future. Serious.
  • 9:40pm: @realmonkeybear I'd never have guessed some of these bands would have been on 'Top of The Pops'. PWEI?!
  • 9:36pm: Oceanic, 'Insanity'. It's only a short step from this to broadcasting old episodes of 'Hitman and Her'. Retro can go too far.
  • 9:21pm: With @maryloosemore watching Madchester bands mime on 'Top of the Pops' in 1991 on BBC Four. TWENTY YEARS AGO! 20!OMG!! Singing along.
  • 8:56pm: <tipsy>Isn't London great.</tipsy>
  • 4:22pm: @infovore I think PHP has a top-level function especially for that. Well, chances are.
  • 4:20pm: The sound of applause echoes across Shoreditch. “Is the bubble back?”
  • 11:33am: My ‘Beginner’s Guide to Freelancing’ is now updated: Thanks for feedback. Let me know of anything that could be better.
  • 10:30am: @corinthino Very good point - done! Thanks.
  • 10:28am: @chrislunch @Zoonie @dracos GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME!
  • 10:23am: @dracos You could certainly have a “near full time commitment” plus another “near full time” job. (LOL! Tell another one!)
  • 10:22am: @corinthino Well yes, that’s my point - it’s nonsense :)
  • 10:20am: @chrislunch @dracos Man, I can’t wait for your stand-up gig Chris. It’ll be a right laugh!
  • 10:20am: @dracos I take “unemployed” to mean “having no job at all”. Which implies the lost councillorship was the person’s only job.
  • 10:18am: eg “the vast majority of Councillors have full time jobs, families and hobbies”
  • 10:17am: @dracos No - I could be paid £100k a year for an hour a week (I wish) but it doesn’t make it a full time job. I’m talking time, not money.
  • 10:13am: @dracos Seems like schmeems like. Would be genuinely interested to see how many have full time jobs too.
  • 10:10am: @dracos Yes, but... I bet being a councillor is not a “job” for very many of them at all.
  • 10:09am: @chrislunch LMFAO
  • 10:07am: Did two billion people really watch the royal wedding, as the news says? Me, writing:
  • 10:06am: @chrislunch I’m perfectly aware of it, but “unemployment” doesn’t seem to apply :)
  • 10:01am: @chrislunch You seem to be assuming that being a councillor is an actual job, rather than something done in free time.

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