Wilderness to brothels to Apple store: the History of Development in one block

Very interesting, thanks. A nice lens for a long-term look at historical ebbs and flows. However, I’d take issue with one of your final sentences:

The ultimate culmination of centuries of development was of course the Apple store…

It’s only the “ultimate culmination” of development if you think New York is going to stop changing because it’s now finished. Just like Arnoux’s house, or the 1880 factory, the Apple store, and everything else there now, is just one more mid-point on a much longer path. Who knows what people will think of the current state of the block in a couple of hundred years time.

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  • 8:45pm: 6Music is playing some fab disco but unfortunately. the DJ. is another one. with that annoying. DJ way of speaking.
  • 4:17pm: Having a chilly stroll round the ramparts like a brutalist prince.
  • 3:11pm: @chrislunch @shiftrunstop @matlock But that photo was nothing compared to the free flexidisc of dead peoples’ voices. *shudder*
  • 3:01pm: @sharnajackson I CAN’T LOOK! I don’t want to think about it. LALALALA!
  • 2:57pm: Catching up on @shiftrunstop… I have that ‘The Unexplained’ with *that* photo of spontaneous human combustion on my desk. But I can’t look.
  • 11:41am: Big headphones make chores bearable. Also, I can pretend I’m a Cyberman doing the spring cleaning.

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