Wanted: TechCrunch Europe Video Intern

Why aren’t you planning to pay this person for their work Mike?

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of eager people willing to work for nothing, especially given the shortage of jobs for graduates these days, but just because people will work for nothing, that doesn’t make it right not to pay them. In fact, you might be breaking the law by not doing so: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fin…

I assume their work will be adding value to your site — or else why would you need the video — so why not pass on some of that value to the person creating it? Otherwise you’re perpetuating a situation in which only those who can afford to work for nothing can get experience and a foot on the ladder.

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  • 9:58pm: @tomtaylor That’s it, yes! It’s very moreish.
  • 9:52pm: Wish I’d discovered @allodarlinuk’s music last year, as that would have given me more time to keep playing it over and over. Lovely.
  • 1:55pm: “Innovate your breakfast” / A breakfast of four eggs, each cooked differently / Yo Tapas!
  • 9:47am: @FinalBullet Something unphotocopyable like this old SimCity copy protection device: http://flic.kr/p/9gD1wh (cc @JoshParadroid)

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