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12 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:08pm: Yeah, @TheDailyShow, your Full Episode player still tells UK viewers we can only watch on Channel 4 but they cancelled you. I WANT TO WATCH!
  • 10:24pm: I've watched this sign language performance of ‘Fuck You’ many times and that's still not enough Best thing ever today!
  • 8:46pm: You've probably seen it, but all three bits of 'Secret Life of the Motorway' are on from 10pm tonight on BBC Geek. I mean Four. BBC Four.
  • 7:00pm: A little bemused as to why Klout thinks ‘Atlanta Falcons’ is a topic I'm most influential about.
  • 6:08pm: @alicebartlett It's always caching.
  • 5:31pm: @paul_regan 10 minute film? You should watch the other three parts too! It's all good. :)
  • 5:20pm: @caxtonian No, not at all, I just mean the subject isn't mentioned on their site yet.
  • 4:44pm: @caxtonian Not sure that it's my place to give away the topics of a TV show, if they're not mentioned on their site yet.
  • 4:31pm: That was fun! And they were very nice folks. Tomorrow, I'm an expert. #TheOneShow
  • 2:11pm: Better tidy up a bit before #TheOneShow comes round. #nonchalant
  • 11:22am: @kassita Me and @aleksk are in different places so I'm not sure flirting's possible. I'd be oblivious anyway as @maryloosemore will confirm!
  • 10:56am: @antimega You're wrong: I'm not missing that. Had plenty of drilling yesterday :) The drilling here on Old Street is quite a bit quieter.
  • 10:43am: @megpickard Honestly: I don't know what used to count as social media. Email? Usenet? MOOs? Forums? Zines? PBM games? Letters?
  • 10:40am: @DeanVipond Yes, either a beach or sitting on top of a mountain with a laptop.
  • 10:18am: @tobybarnes Fewer opportunities for online distractions (until I open laptop). More opportunities for gazing out the window distractions.
  • 10:17am: @caxtonian Square Mile of course!
  • 10:02am: After 7+ years of freelancing, this is the first time I've done it like you're supposed to: working in a coffeeshop.

12 Jan 2011 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. Throwing Muses (19)
  2. Brian Eno (18)
  3. The Mountain Goats (14)
  4. Sun Kil Moon (13)
  5. Girl Talk (12)
  6. Pantha du Prince (11)
  7. Darkstar (10)
  8. Warpaint (9)
  9. Bonobo (8)
  10. PJ Harvey (8)

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