The Online Photographer: 'A Leica for a Year' a Year Later

I didn’t do it with a Leica but I did dig out the Pentax K1000 I bought used when I went to college twenty years ago and haven’t used for years. I bought a 50mm f/1.7 lens on eBay and have been using nothing but this (aside from some casual phone/point-and-shoot shots occasionally), with Tri-X, for over a year now.

I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s been a real refresher — I was only using a digital point-and-shoot before, not wanting the bulk and expense of a digital SLR. But I didn’t like the pictures it took and wasn’t sure what to do next. So black and white film on my old SLR was just the change I was after.

I intended to shoot as much as you suggested, but reality took care of that — I just don’t have the time and would have to give other things up to really concentrate on photography that much. I’ve shot 23 films over the past year, although I sometimes went for weeks or even months without shooting. When I realised I was carrying the camera around a lot but never using it, I stopped taking it everywhere. I didn’t like being “on” all the time, and I valued being able to just be, to walk around without looking for potential shots. I guess I’m not a natural, compulsive photographer!

But it’s been good otherwise. I’ve thought more about composition. I really love taking my time and valuing each shot, rather than firing off several in one go. It’s made me think about what I want from a camera and photography in general. So, many thanks for your idea.

Here are my 30 favourites from the past year on Flickr.

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23 Aug 2010 at Twitter

  • 5:16pm: Printer manufacturers: Here's a unique feature you could add that would differentiate you in the marketplace: Have your printers Just Work.
  • 2:09pm: @macintosh You can ask them to top up automatically - I have the daily rate and it just buys another £1 day whenever I use one.
  • 1:40pm: Just had slightly cunning blog comment spam from a firm of chimney sweeps. ('Worcester Chimney Sweep' in fact, annoying bastards.)
  • 1:29pm: Increasingly thinking of cycle hire bikes as a fairground ride, and central London as a theme park. Fun.
  • 10:04am: Good: Co-op updates its online banking site. Bad: It's bad. So *many* nested tables. List of transactions in a 183px-high scrolling div.
  • 8:37am: @phl Ta. But I fear I'd need to spend time learning about football formations etc, before even getting to grips with Madden.

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