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Bagshawe … cheers despondent Conservatives on from her regular blogs for conservativehome.

I assume these are actually “blog posts” on the conservativehome blog, and Bagshawe doesn’t maintain several separate “blogs” on that site?

15 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 9:17pm: On plus side, kind words about @todaysguardian from @gruber, always nice http://✪ (DF's never taken my @joyent shared server down.)
  • 9:08pm: 4059 photos transferred to Lightroom, 2189 to go. So much of my free time appears to be devoted to work-like data processing.
  • 8:28pm: @wonderlandblog I found the 3D distractingly amazing for a few minutes in Avatar. After that it just amazing. (Story etc another matter obv)
  • 5:08pm: Just turned down an opportunity to go and be photographed by someone who needs a person who looks like a cactus.
  • 1:18pm: @bruntonspall Thanks. Is there a time when the day's edition stops updating? Or a rough time when most/all new material has appeared?
  • 1:03pm: Wondering when stops updating each day - it's changed a fair bit since 6am.
  • 11:16am: Ah, found the perfect time-filler: continuing to complain to publications about the use of "blog" to mean "blog post".
  • 11:06am: I've finished reading the Internet while waiting for Movable Type to rebuild this page. What do I do now?
  • 10:43am: @katylindemann "Forced viral"? Sounds alarmingly like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment or something. Can't end well...
  • 10:27am: I am automatically spamming Twitter from a new social spamming service. Why don't you spam Twitter? Sign up now and win some Twitter spam!
  • 7:32am: Wow, Twitter woke up cranky this morning didn't he. Seeing double, triple, etc? Maybe you should think about easing off on week nights Mr T?
  • 7:30am: @spaceboy Do other countries do the same? I can't quite see an American or Brazilian flag with "USA" or "BRASIL" plastered on it.

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