A surprise for Mulder on Vimeo

Brilliant! I wanted to know what they say about it though.

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9 Mar 2010 at Twitter

  • 7:45pm: Glad the inaugural BRIG lecture went well. Sorry to have missed it, duty calling. Final push.
  • 4:29pm: @spaceboy Spooky. I just picked up a Double Decker on the way from one office to another. What have you done to me?!
  • 1:07pm: Something's being filmed at #shitoffice down the road. I assume it's a post-apocalyptic hipster office rave horror graffiti movie.
  • 11:25am: @benhammersley Would be OK if the "GPS" was actually remotely connected to the brain of the best ever Knowledge learner kept alive in a vat.
  • 7:31am: Right, onward, onward. Nearly there.

9 Mar 2010 in Links

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Heidi Berry (22)
  2. Herman Düne (15)
  3. Hefner (11)
  4. Kode9 & The Spaceape (9)
  5. Burial (9)
  6. Zomby (9)
  7. Nick Drake (8)
  8. Darkstar (6)
  9. Ikonika (6)
  10. Samiyam (6)

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