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The freeholder is still the City of London, but it’s selling off the remainder of the leases as the old tenants move out (or die). It is expensive, but then so is everywhere round here, and at least the buildings are more solid than a lot of the “loft conversion” type properties on the market these days.

Originally I think they hoped it would be city workers living here - eg, a secretary would live in a small flat and maybe upgrade to a larger flat as their career progressed. I think a lot of the flats are now pied a terres as many look empty a lot of the time. Others are actually occupied by city workers (although few secretaries I expect!), young people who bought places before prices skyrocketed, and retired people. Apparently there are also more families living here than there used to be.

And yes, I recently read that Benazir Bhutto had a flat here, in the 1980s I think.

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