Subtraction 7.1 Beta: Operation: Bring Nothing to Work

Occasionally I manage journeys without a bag, but I rely on all the pockets on my combat trousers /cargo pants. I feel half-naked if I wear trousers that don’t have so many pockets.

I’ve been half-wondering about one of those waistcoats photographers or fishermen wear with lots of pockets - really practical, but probably a bit dorky for day-to-day life.

A guy at a party recently told me how he was at the theatre with a lawyer friend, when the friend’s cellphone went off. The cellphone was inside the large box-like document case he’d been lugging around. He scrabbled to unlock the case, finally managing it, and turned off the cellphone. The guy telling the story looked inside this big case and realised the ringing cellphone was the only thing inside it.

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