Sort Fields in iTunes 7.1 - Vox

Nice understandable guide, thanks Paul.

But I’ve always thought it better to sort artists by first name anyway. It seems more consistent, otherwise you end up with sorting by “last name unless they only have a single name”. eg Madonna is always going to be sorted by first name whatever your policy.

Unless one adds ‘Ciccone, Madonna’ in the Sort Field I guess…

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Friday 24 October 2008, 6:32pm

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24 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 9:01pm: Finally getting round to watching 'Arrested Development'. Very, very good.
  • 5:23pm: Half-way through revisiting every comment I've made on other websites since July 2004 (280 of them).
  • 1:46pm: Quite annoyed at self for vague reasons.