Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Does Web 2.0 = B2B?

I’m also a little confused — when you say that “social network” is a bullshit term, are you talking about the decades of social network theory or are you just using the phrase as lazy shorthand for something else?

You have social networks, you’re in several I expect, and social network sites help one communicate in some way (sharing photos, text, job ads, etc) among your network and may also help you expand your network.

Saying “social network” is bullshit is like saying there’s no such thing as society - whatever you call it, it still exists.

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Friday 24 October 2008, 6:12pm

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24 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 9:01pm: Finally getting round to watching 'Arrested Development'. Very, very good.
  • 5:23pm: Half-way through revisiting every comment I've made on other websites since July 2004 (280 of them).
  • 1:46pm: Quite annoyed at self for vague reasons.