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Technovia: Nick Carr: Netscape's junk drawer

While I agree about the wisdom of crowds often being very, er, un-wise, I loved this quote: “I don’t want other people voting on what I should read first. I want to see major national news stories.” As if major news stories are some objective thing delivered to us from some greater power, rather than something decided on by a small number of people at the publication concerned. Basically, all our news is chosen for us by someone, but it’s the quality of the crowd that matters, not its size.

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Friday 24 October 2008, 5:10pm

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24 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 9:01pm: Finally getting round to watching 'Arrested Development'. Very, very good.
  • 5:23pm: Half-way through revisiting every comment I've made on other websites since July 2004 (280 of them).
  • 1:46pm: Quite annoyed at self for vague reasons.