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Stone Cold Pimpin': Speaking Truthiness to Power

I’ve had this conversation with other friends, and I seem to be in the minority, but still…

I don’t see what’s so amazing about it. I’d have been more impressed if it had been like Jon Stewart on Crossfire - ditching the persona and just telling it straight.

Yeah, he had a few digs at Bush and the press, but to be honest the digs seemed no worse than the digs Bush made at himself beforehand with the Bush impersonator.

Apparently a lot of the assembled media folk were annoyed with Colbert afterwards… well it sounded like plenty were laughing along too.

Maybe it’s just that Colbert was (in his roundabout having-to-do-it-in-character way) saying what I take as given that it doesn’t seem remarkable. Maybe if I was American and was more used to the other consensus (things in Iraq are just dandy, thanks) it would have seemed more shocking. But from here… pffff.

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Friday 24 October 2008, 4:20pm

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