Writing from October 2017

w/e 1 October 2017

This week, work, Movable Type, The Destructives and the V&A.


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w/e 8 October 2017

Personal coding, acting workshops, and my identity.


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w/e 15 October 2017

WordPress, RSS feeds, Accident, Blade Runner 2049, Lingua Franca, Diet Cig, Aldous Harding, Back.


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Combining HTML files with a Django website

I’ve been trying to work out how to run this site using Django, while maintaining some of old static HTML files on gyford.com at their current URLs. But I’m a bit stuck and am looking for ideas.


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w/e 22 October 2017

A quiet week.


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Board games for two players

Four months ago I asked on Twitter for suggestions of board games that work well with two players. Here are the suggestions.


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w/e 29 October 2017

WordPress, Japanese, The Death of Stalin, The Vietnam War and a happy gig.


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