Writing from September 2017

What I’ve been doing recently

I felt like writing something quick, not one of those long-simmering posts that grows larger and larger until writing it requires taking a week off or something. So, hello, here are some words about what I’ve been doing recently.


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D3.js book series dates charts

I’ve written a thing in D3.js to draw charts that show when books in a series are set, compared with the dates on which they were published. You can see three examples on bl.ocks.org.


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This week

Some things that I’ve done, watched, read and listened to this week.


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Week ending 17th September 2017

If these end up being this regular, I’m not sure what to call each one.


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w/e 24 Sep 2017

A little late this week. Work, Banksy, Mother! and London.


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