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I went to see Drive last week and loved it. Violence aside — I’m increasingly intolerant of movie violence — the film looked and sounded gorgeous, and one scene in particular stuck with me.


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Moving from Delicious to Pinboard

I’ve finally got round to moving from storing interesting links at Delicious and will now only be using Pinboard, where I’m still ‘philgyford’. So if you want to keep up with that, you can do it there. Here’s the RSS feed.


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There was a fascinating article by Ian Leslie in the Guardian last weekend, about how we tend to judge others very quickly, based on superficial signals, while considering ourselves to be more complex. This asymmetry brought together several strands of thought in my brain over the week.


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One dimensional news

I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up about my Today’s Guardian and its accompanying blog post, looking at why it’s still not an ideal solution for reading an online newspaper. Before I managed to write that the Guardian’s iPad edition came out, which is well worth a discussion of its own. But first, a look at the problems my Today’s Guardian doesn’t solve.


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