Writing from November 2011

‘Rip It Up And Start Again’ playlist

I recently read Simon Reynolds’ brilliant book Rip It Up And Start Again, about post-punk and what came next (mostly what he calls New Pop). I learned about artists that hadn’t registered with me before, and saw others (mostly 1980s pop) in a new light. I’ve put together a 14 hour, 207 track Spotify playlist.


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FRSTEE the Snowman

A couple of Christmases ago RIG experimented with Data Decs, custom-manufactured decorations for a few friends, based on an individual’s internet data: numbers of Twitter followers; plays on Last.fm; travels on Dopplr; and apertures used on Flickr photos. This Christmas we’ve focused on one of those and launched FRSTEE, the Festively Rendered Snowman from Tweets (Enterprise Edition). Now everyone can have their own.


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Work/life balance

I came across this blog post (via) on adjusting one’s life circumstances, priorities or balance, and it’s an interesting way to think about things. I don’t know if it’s correct or useful, but I’m always open to thinking about the same old things in a different way. But this bit jumped out at me as feeling wrong:


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