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Week 372

A bit of a gap there but the three past weeks have been pretty much the same work-wise, so let’s collapse them into some kind of folded temporal zig-zag of time and treat them as one.


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Wired Index

Wired UK magazine has started an advertising thing called The Wired Index, showing “fascinating new facts” on billboards around the country throughout August. Here’s one of the new Wired Index video ads:


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Week 374

The past couple of weeks, with no client work on, have been taken up with Pepys. I decided to update the maps on the site and improve some of the location data. I thought this might be two, maybe three, days’ work. Two weeks later I’m still going.


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‘On Photography’ by Susan Sontag

Published in 1973, On Photography (Amazon UK and US) is a collection of essays by Susan Sontag, most/all of which appeared in the New York Review of Books. When I started college in 1990, roughly half the age of the book ago, we were assigned the first chapter to read. As I’ve been thinking about photography a little over the past few months I thought it was time I read the whole thing. It’s all good, but that first chapter, which you might be able to cough find online, was the most interesting to me. I think this book, or something like it, is well worth a read if you feel your photography habit is caught up in the purely technical, buying bits of kit, angle. Here are the bits from the whole book that jumped out at me while reading…


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It’s not me, it’s you

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed my occasional outbursts of frustration about BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. You may have asked, “Why don’t you switch it off, or listen to something else?” I didn’t, because I wanted to believe Today could be good, that it could live up to its reputation as the premier agenda-setting news programme. But from today, I’ve given up, it’s over, we’re finished, no more. Today, it’s not me, it’s you.


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Week 375

I managed to have most of a day off this week, really off, away from the computer off. That was nice.


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