Writing from September 2010

A map for every day

Eighteen months ago I wrote about redesigning my site’s front page and mentioned in passing that I’d also created a page for every day which aggregated many things:


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Week 376

A short week really, but a good one.


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Week 377

Quick, before the memory of last week fades… I spent most of week 377 preparing my talk for OpenTech about Today’s Guardian. It shouldn’t have taken so long but I’d never really done a proper presentation before so it was a slow process.


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Week 378

After several weeks of working on my own stuff, I spent most of this week doing something for myself I really enjoyed. Imagine! Enjoying myself in my own time! Not saddling myself with a really dull and laborious task!


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Should you build your own home?

Writing my own weblog CMS from scratch is, of course, lunacy. Consequently, I have been coming up with an elaborate justification for why the project is, at least, lunacy with a more respected real-world precedent. If you’re allergic to Internet metaphors look away… now.


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Coding in public

In case it’s of interest I’ve put my work-in-progress, of re-writing this site in Django, up at Github. It won’t be much use to anyone yet, as it’s early days, and it’s very tailored towards what I want. It’s mainly a tool for me to learn; I’m taking it slowly and trying to do things right.


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Willy nilly

On Friday I spoke for two minutes at Playful 2010 about how one should conduct oneself on Foursquare. At least a single person has asked for the text of my brief talk, so here it is:


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Setting up a Django environment and project structure

While getting to grips with Django for my own project, I’ve been keeping notes on exactly what I’ve done so I can repeat it in future. And spending some time working out exactly how to structure the project — in terms of both files and software used — so that I can also repeat that. I want a documented process so that I can get my forgetful self up and running with a consistent new project as quickly as possible.


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