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Creating narrative as a team

Clowning continues at college, and we’ve begun to make some slight changes of direction into areas in which red noses aren’t de rigeur. We’ve started looking at the absurd for example, and it was tricky trying to create a nonsensical situation that was also comprehensible.

Right now I’m enjoying college and am even starting to feel sad that the end is approaching. We only have a couple more weeks of lessons, then rehearsal for the end of term performance, and then one final term full of nothing but rehearsal for the various end of year shows.


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I’m not bugging your phone

First off, an apology. Sorry if you were reading my Twitters and I’ve now banned you from doing so by making my Tweets private. Like, I expect, most of you, I’ve started getting several emails a day from people wanting to follow me. Often these are wankers who are wasting all our time by using Twitter to spam, and who we can only hope will one day be found in the deepest circle of Hell. Other times these are complete strangers who apparently follow hundreds or thousands of people solely because, presumably, they have nothing better to do with their lives than click their mouse in an attempt to make the pretty number on their screen increase by one with each click, like some laboratory animal with half its brain replaced by citrus fruit.


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Haddock Blogs changes

This is a post for those of you reading this feed via Haddock Blogs. You may have noticed a few changes there. Here’s what’s changed.


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UTF8, MySQL, Perl and PHP

In my previous post I mentioned that Haddock Blogs was finally almost free of the character encoding errors that have plagued it for years.

In the interest of helping anyone else doing similar work in the future but also, more selfishly, in the hope peopl spot things I could do better, here’s a summary of what I’m now doing to keep things UTF8 from start to finish.


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Meagre ambitions

The last few days at college have been Full Of Fail for me. Well, not even that; “fail” implies I tried to succeed at something, while my recent failings have been three things I simply haven’t taken part in.


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