Friday 25 April 2008

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Haddock Blogs changes

This is a post for those of you reading this feed via Haddock Blogs. You may have noticed a few changes there. Here’s what’s changed.


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UTF8, MySQL, Perl and PHP

In my previous post I mentioned that Haddock Blogs was finally almost free of the character encoding errors that have plagued it for years.

In the interest of helping anyone else doing similar work in the future but also, more selfishly, in the hope peopl spot things I could do better, here’s a summary of what I’m now doing to keep things UTF8 from start to finish.


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25 Apr 2008 at Twitter

  • 07:03pm: Stage Combat done. Waiting to meet Mary and friends for dinner in the City. Drunk men singing Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'.

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