Writing from January 2006

Buggy New Year

I've just returned from Christmas and New Year in the Falkland Islands, visiting my sister (photos and writing will appear sometime soon). If you read Haddock.org you'll have noticed it stopped updating on 21st December. The Directory is a manual operation requiring editorial, librarianship and swearing skills that even the computers of 2006 can't manage. Given that I selfishly trust no one else to press the correct buttons, this usually goes quiet when I'm offline -- expect it to catch up gradually this week.


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A trip to the Falkland Islands

It's only been two weeks of catching up on email, feeds, updating websites, fixing bugs, tidying up, plodding through to-do lists, having meetings and generally avoiding writing, and already the fortnight we spent in the Falkland Islands seems like months ago. Before more memories leak from my head here's What I Did On My Christmas Holidays.


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46,000 junk TrackBacks a week

My frequently cranky installation of Movable Type began throwing up even more Internal Server Errors than usual at the weekend. They seemed to appear instead of any admin screen that would show some TrackBacks. So I poked around in the database and realised the number of junk TrackBacks received by the system had rocketed recently, as made obvious by this graph:


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