Writing from November 2005

Notating conversations

Last week I caught the end of Front Row on Radio 4, which was about different ways of notating speech in plays: how different playwrights have attempted to specify (or not) how lines should be delivered. (You can listen again for a couple more days -- jump through to 20:27 for the item in question.) The bit I found most interesting was how best to notate overlapping conversation.


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Two interesting improvisations and feeling hot

My intention of writing shorter, more frequent, pieces isn't working. The longer I leave writing, the less I feel like writing. I'll have turned the topic over in my head too many times. If it's about acting I'll have written notes up in my notebook, maybe written a more angry version in my diary, perhaps updated friends and relatives on what I've been doing. By which point I've had enough thinking about it. But I didn't want you to think I was still frustrated with the classes.


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Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (3)

If you have a Mac and want to use a keyboard that's designed to be used with a British Windows-based PC, you'll notice that some of the keys don't produce the expected characters. @ and " are generally swapped, for example. In addition the Command (Apple), Option and Control keys may be swapped round. Each of these problems needs to be tackled separately...


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Not being me

Last week I realised just how difficult I find it to not be me. This is going to be a problem, unless there are a lot of plays and films out there featuring characters based on me.


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