Slimming for August

After empathising with this post about information overload the other day, it occurred to me that maybe I should unsubscribe from from one RSS feed a day in an effort to simplify my life a tiny bit. It’s not quite getting rid of 200 objects in 40 days, but it’s a start.

Not counting my own feeds I’m subscribed to 119 of the things, a tiny number to some people I’m sure. I can generally keep up with everything in ‘Near’ and ‘Near Links’ and a few favourites in ‘Far, frequent’. But I haven’t even seen which feeds I’m subscribed to in my ‘Far, rarely’, ‘Futures’, ‘Authoring’ or ‘Mac’ categories for months. Sure, it doesn’t take up any time to have them sitting there, but there’s still a corner of my mind nagging me about unread feeds. It may be a small corner, but it’s proportional to the number of unread items, currently around the impossible-to-recover 4,000 mark.

So, starting today, I’ll be unsubbing from one feed a day for the rest of August. If you’re in a similar position, why not join me…


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…and another thing! - To do list
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