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Unless you happen to be involved in either the energy or “life sciences” industries, it’s unlikely that Wood Mackenzie’s new website will make any impact on your life. But I point it out because I’ve spent a surprisingly large amount of time this and last year working on the HTML/CSS templates for the new site.

The construction of the actual site, once the templates were handed over, was done in-house. And everything else — design, IA, general organisation and shepherding — was done by the lovely Wilson Fletcher, with whom I was working.

Barring errors that crept in during implementation, the HTML should all be nice and accessible and standards-compliant and table-free and generally modern (the templates, at least, were valid XHTML). This seems normal to me, but I have to remind myself that it’s unusual, and very welcome, that a company sees the value in such things.


Photos taken 13 Apr 2005

13 Apr 2005 in Writing

Vote for me and Jamie Oliver!, which I built with Poke, is up for a Webby award. So go and vote for it!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Shystie (46)
  2. The Weakerthans (24)
  3. Brian Eno (18)
  4. Dizzee Rascal (16)
  5. Final Fantasy (15)
  6. Stars (13)
  7. Sun Kil Moon (10)
  8. Emilíana Torrini (6)
  9. De La Soul (5)
  10. Audible (4)

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