Links for Tuesday 13 March 2012

13 Mar 2012 at Twitter

  • 11:11am: @infovore @jwheare “Are traditional website navigation elements and links hidden from view?” Yeah, that’s something to aim for. Cock.
  • 11:13am: “Have you made a website that looks and functions just like a book?” YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.
  • 11:17am: @iamdanw @infovore @jwheare AJAXCELLENT!
  • 11:53am: @blaine Yes, but YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.
  • 11:59am: @blaine ~BEEP~ This discussion has breached the Twitter viability threshold. Please take to other media. Thank you. ~BEEP~
  • 12:05pm: @blaine @jamesweiner When it loads something I can’t work out how to turn the page or go back to the site front page.
  • 02:20pm: @alicebartlett @abscond I’m now imagining the pair of you like spooky horror film twins speaking together.
  • 03:24pm: @blech I like the “amour of data ownership”.
  • 05:16pm: @macintosh I had that same discovery, re ACG, the only time I went to Niketown. I thought the only point of it was it’d have everything!