Monday 12 March 2012

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Easiest way to add GPS lat/long to photos in field? - ASK COOL TOOLS

My wife and I have tried a few solutions. I currently rely on taking a photo with my iPhone at the same time and using that photo's data to position my “real” camera's photo on Flickr (or, very recently, in Lightroom 4). Obviously, it's far from an ideal solution.

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12 Mar 2012 at Twitter

  • 07:58am: @tomcoates Did some people see it different to that?! Weird.
  • 08:37am: @tomcoates I think this just shows how perceptive we both are compared to everyone else. Only explanation.
  • 09:43am: @phl @genmon Couple of weeks ago I saw a Japanese film crew in Spitalfields filming two men dressed very vaguely like G&G. Other world G&G.
  • 05:12pm: I did a bit of the work on (no connection to the other Pepys). Just launched, about John Lanchester’s new book.
  • 05:16pm: @AnnieFeighery Entirely coincidental!
  • 05:23pm: @AnnieFeighery Yeah, that probably is a good thing :)
  • 06:46pm: @tomcoates I still keep thinking ‘John Carter’ is going to be about the ‘ER’ doctor’s post-TV-series philanthropic adventures. In space!