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15 Aug 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:31am: @denisewilton Stop writing! You’re a designer and only writers should write! Back to your drawing!
  • 10:36am: @denisewilton I’m a gentleman amateur at everything. I have a licence to dabble.
  • 11:25am: @newspaperclub, a nice plant has arrived for you from someone anonymous.
  • 03:20pm: @newspaperclub None at all. Ordered from Marks & Spencer, addressed to “Mr The lovely people at N”.
  • 04:01pm: @minor9th That’s funny. Only James and Denise seem to realise it’s not an escalator.
  • 06:06pm: @blech Does chip and pin work with checks (sic)?
  • 07:36pm: @dotcode @dracos Ha, I tried the Odeon website just the other day and was amazed how bad it still was.
  • 08:30pm: @JamesWallis We only lasted half an hour of Glorious 39. Such a terrible script. Every plot point was explained in great, stilted, detail.
  • 08:33pm: On plus side, Poliakoff is still the best at shooting lazy late English summer country afternoons. He practises with every film. #glorious39
  • 08:43pm: @hondanhon @antimega I was really hoping it would end with "You must KNOW UNIX!"
  • 08:46pm: When the 1990s revival comes around, Google's going to be raking it in with its line of retro StarTAC phones.
  • 08:54pm: Watching the Beyoncé droid at Glastonbury for the third time (recorded). It won't be the last.