Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Do you remember hobbies? Before the Internet hobbies were what we did with our free time. When we weren’t watching telly. These days, although we might do some of the same things, we don’t seem to call them “hobbies”. These days, with the Internet, we have an audience, and seem reluctant to call our activities hobbies.


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16 Aug 2011 at Twitter

  • 07:29am: @FinalBullet I would have agreed ten years ago.
  • 07:53am: @tobybarnes @FinalBullet Yes, and, possibly, a greater tendency to coast, to be content (not that that's the worst thing ever!).
  • 10:29am: Today’s cure: Bix Beiderbecke.
  • 11:32am: My 90,000th Last.fm scrobble (since 15 April 2004): Bix Beidebecke: I’ll Be A Friend With Pleasure.
  • 12:38pm: I wrote a bit about hobbies: http://t.co/mNwbxhL (As ever, consider it thoughts-in-progress rather than an unshakeable opinion.)
  • 12:47pm: @jeremyet I think you have to be extra keen to call reading a ‘hobby’. But either way people share what they read online too.
  • 03:23pm: Phew. 24 days of @samuelpepys in hand, to allow for several consecutive Fridays off.
  • 03:25pm: @blech @thegareth Barbican residents will be less than pleased with some of it, given the ongoing damage to the tiles. (Looks amazing tho.)
  • 03:28pm: @blech @thegareth Given cycling and boarding aren’t allowed on the podium there’ll be a little fuss about how/if C4 got permission.
  • 07:54pm: @hondanhon Remember I did start this blog for Tom some time ago... http://t.co/nvjU8C6
  • 08:07pm: @tomcoates I don't miss Blair but I was thinking that Cameron makes one realise how much worse Blair could have been.
  • 09:28pm: In hotel lounge with iPad (wifi not stretching to the outbuilding), wondering whether to watch the news and end up going to bed angry.
  • 09:48pm: @TheRRMargate News. Just reading news is angry-making enough recently, but somehow it's worse, watching people talking it.