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Tapes #3 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Duncan, I think we should make a break for it and go on the run in a gripping and ultimately life-affirming movie. Aleks looks like the innocent backwoods housewife, mourning her recently dead war-hero husband, who we’ll initially threaten with violence to hide us from the law, but who will eventually help us see the error of our ways with the aid of good home baking. She’ll give us a ride back to prison in her broken old pick-up truck and we’ll wave goodbye at the gates knowing that in another few years — after we’ve turned the prison around and rehabilitated all the inmates with our cookie-baking scheme — she’ll be there again to meet us ready for… the sequel.

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A surprise for Mulder on Vimeo

Brilliant! I wanted to know what they say about it though.

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Cool Tools: Corrective Swim Goggles

I used a pair of the View goggles mentioned above for years, but eventually found that in order to stop water getting in I had to have them so tight I ended up with their shape imprinted into my face after swimming. (I’m sure this just depends on your face shape, and isn’t a general problem with them.)

I read a couple of swimming forums where people had the same problem, and Aqua Sphere’s goggles seemed a popular alternative. They don’t rely on a thin, firm, rubbery bit to make the seal, but have wider, softer plastic, more like a very gentle suction cup. I’ve found them much more comfortable and easy on my face. You can buy corrective lenses for their Eagle goggles, different prescriptions for each eye, which is what I’ve done.


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