Tuesday 9 March 2010

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A surprise for Mulder on Vimeo

Brilliant! I wanted to know what they say about it though.

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9 Mar 2010 at Twitter

  • 07:31am: Right, onward, onward. Nearly there.
  • 11:25am: @benhammersley Would be OK if the "GPS" was actually remotely connected to the brain of the best ever Knowledge learner kept alive in a vat.
  • 01:07pm: Something's being filmed at #shitoffice down the road. I assume it's a post-apocalyptic hipster office rave horror graffiti movie.
  • 04:29pm: @spaceboy Spooky. I just picked up a Double Decker on the way from one office to another. What have you done to me?!
  • 07:45pm: Glad the inaugural BRIG lecture went well. Sorry to have missed it, duty calling. Final push.

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  1. Heidi Berry (22)
  2. Half Man Half Biscuit (17)
  3. Herman Düne (15)
  4. Hefner (11)
  5. Kode9, The Spaceape (9)
  6. Burial (9)
  7. Zomby (9)
  8. Nick Drake (8)
  9. Samiyam (6)
  10. Kode9 (6)

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