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My First Website | Jason Santa Maria

Here’s my first site from 1995. That size made more sense on a 640×480 monitor. Obviously, I’d just discovered repeating background images.

I keep an archive of other old sites of mine and also have a mini version of HotWired from 1995 (which I was in no way responsible for unfortunately).

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Urban Sketchers: all i want for christmas is…

Maybe you missed something when you looked through the grille, or maybe what the man thought was there is no longer there… Wikipedia says:

“An interesting local feature can be found in the middle of Charing Cross Road at its junction with Old Compton Street. Beneath the grille in the traffic island in the middle of the road, the old road signs for the now-vanished Little Compton Street can be seen. This road once joined Old Compton Street with New Compton Street.”

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