Friday 5 December 2008

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My First Website | Jason Santa Maria

Here's my first site from 1995. That size made more sense on a 640×480 monitor. Obviously, I'd just discovered repeating background images.

I keep an archive of other old sites of mine and also have a mini version of HotWired from 1995 (which I was in no way responsible for unfortunately).

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5 Dec 2008 at Twitter

  • 10:01am: Boast. Ask. Moan. Vaunt. Comment. Amuse. Brag. Point. Vent. Quote. Preen. Correct. Complain. Neologise. Wonder. Swagger. Assert. Advertise.
  • 12:16pm: I'm having a better time than you're having.
  • 01:03pm: I'm having a worse time than you're having.
  • 02:34pm: I ate a larger and tastier lunch than you ate and I'm now more full than you've ever been.
  • 03:37pm: I've just bought something that you'd want if you'd heard of it.
  • 04:30pm: This week I have worked harder than you. My work has been to a higher standard than yours. My week has been longer than your week.
  • 05:00pm: Today, more things have gone wrong for me than have gone wrong in the combined lives of you and your last eight direct ancestors.
  • 05:33pm: The music I am listening to is so obscure that you haven't even heard of the language in which it is barked.
  • 06:06pm: My commute is going so badly I'm still waiting for Tuesday's train. With at least four thousand people. The train will have no carriages.
  • 07:01pm: I am at the pub with people so funny that everyone in the room has wet themselves. Twice. So have you.
  • 09:04pm: Having dinner with people so intelligent you wouldn't even understand the inscriptions on their awards.
  • 10:10pm: Watching a TV programme you've never heard of that is better than anything you've seen.